About the Brigade

For centuries, in cities across the US, the fire brigades have been groups of civilians who rush to respond in emergencies, protecting lives and property. Sometimes professionals, and often just responsible neighbors, they have been willing to act, and stick their necks out, for the benefit of their communities.

Today, we all know family members, friends, and co-workers whose lives has been detrimentally affected, if not completely devastated, by the dramatic downturn in our economy. Our communities have been damaged by layoffs, foreclosures. We all know people whose incomes are being eaten up by sudden increases in interest rates on their credit cards. While the arsonists escape on their corporate jets, we are inhaling the smoke.

The Main Street Brigade is a rapid response team, nationwide, that can be activated to protect our communities against just this kind of devastation.

Right now, we are ALL vulnerable to the big banks, CEOs and Wall Street institutions whose irresponsibility and risky behavior caused this economic crisis. Our vulnerability is being increased by the fact that when our government proposes an agency with sound measures to protect our interests, the arsonists are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into lobbying and advertising to prevent that protection from being implemented.

Today, our work is to support the formation of the Consumer Financial Protection act, and protect our families and communities.

As we go forward, their will be other actions we can do.